Inspection for House/Flat Rental

Landlords and Letting Agents must maintain the electrical installation and any equipment provided by them in a safe condition. You are therefore advised to obtain and display an Electrical Safety Certificate, both to demonstrate your commitment to the safety of your tenants and to protect the property in which you have invested.

It is important to check the electrical installation at change of occupancy to ensure the departing tenant has not extended or altered the installation without the Landlord's knowledge. This should be carried out quickly after departure, before any rental deposit is returned.

Current regulations recommend that Rented property is checked every 5 years and at change of occupancy.

Walcam WireWorks

can carry out either form of inspection and produce a detailed report.
You do not have to use our services to correct any problems identified, although a discount will be offered if you then request a Quote.

Domestic Visual Inspection from 75.00
(visual inspections are only reliable where a current certificate exists)
Periodic Inspection and Testing from 180.00
(this covers up to 5 circuits. Extra circuits charged at 30 each)
Note: Off peak storage heating to be charged additionally 30 per circuit.
All prices are subject to VAT at current rate